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Project development

Optimum planning for a successful wind farm


One of the most important factors for the success of a wind farm is the choice of location. Only when the technical inspection of a location delivers positive results in every respect, do we start the development planning of a project. We analyse the condition of a site, prepare wind measurements and yield forecasts, provide expert opinions on wind, grid connection options, visual impact, noise emissions in addition to commissioning detailed bird and bat monitoring studies, environmental impact assessments and other regulatory approval processes.

Landowners, residents and the local authorities often have different interests and requirements. We work together with all parties involved to find the optimum solution and support the project partners and stakeholders on site during the development planning process. In addition, we believe that it is important to ensure that the local communities around the project sites are supported where possible. In 2020, during the peak of the COVID pandemic, WKN Windcurrent supported nearby local community organisations with food and hygiene parcels.

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Thanks to our extensive experience in national and international projects within the Group, we are particularly familiar with the different approval procedures in various countries and can therefore develop viable solutions for these.

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